For over 3 decades the Grand Prix Trust has provided support for Formula 1’s unsung heroes. The Trust helps F1 team personnel, trackside or factory-based, to put their lives back on track when things go wrong.

Our mission is to provide effective and essential support, along with independent help and advice, to current and former employees of Grand Prix teams and their families, plus others working within the F1 industry. This can take the form of financial assistance or specialist medical advice, or even advice relating to rights and benefits. Every case is dealt with compassionately and in absolute confidence.

In addition, we strive constantly to create a like-minded community through social media and Reunion lunches.

The Trust has helped members from the Golden Age of Moss, Brabham and Clark right through to those left distressed by more recent team closures. In 2015 we gave assistance to more people than ever before.

Since 2016, we have been renamed the Grand Prix Trust to recognise the broader reach and scope of those whom we can help as Formula 1 roles evolve. Our aim is to be there for those coming into the sport tomorrow, as well as those who served it with honour in the past.

There is no Membership fee to join the Trust.

If you are an existing member, please do encourage your friends and colleagues of F1 to join – we really appreciate your support.