Case Studies

Case Study 1

Mr X had been suffering with ill health and was looking for assistance towards the cost of respite day care as this would offer him cognitive stimulation, as well as allowing his wife some free time to do all the essential chores around the home. During the initial discussion our Needs Assessor realised that Mrs X was also finding it difficult to read letters and correspondence due to a disease that was affecting her eyesight. As well as this there was some maintenance work required to the garden to enable Mr X to go outside safely and take an interest in his passion for flowers.

The Trust was more than happy to step in and fund the cost of day care as well as the work in the garden which Mr X was thrilled with. His wife was over the moon when she knew that the Trust would also look after her when they assisted with the purchase of a Visual Aid Reader that she could use at home or when she goes out shopping.

Mr & Mrs X are now enjoying their garden and they have said “If all the clients of the GP Trust receive the high level of service that you give to us, we are all very lucky”. Mrs X now goes out with confidence knowing that she can read the labels and prices on items and Mr X is thrilled to be able to access his garden again. His day care continues.

Case Study 2

Mr X approached the Trust following a diagnosis of Arthritis in his knee. He had been suffering with this for a few years and had been told by the NHS that he was considered too young for a knee replacement. This was now affecting all aspects of his life, despite having steroid injections and physiotherapy. He was advised that he would have to wait a long time before he would be eligible for a knee replacement.

Mr X got in touch with the Trust to see if there was any possibility of help. The Trust was very pleased to offer Mr X financial assistance towards the cost of a knee replacement which was carried out fairly swiftly and successfully.

Mr X is now enjoying life with his new knee and is pain free. It has enabled him to enjoy a better quality of life and he says of the Trust – “I cannot thank the Trust enough for what they have done for me”.

Case Study 3

Mr X approached the Grand Prix Trust as he was worried about forthcoming surgery that would have an impact on his financial situation. He asked the Trust if they would assist financially towards living costs during this difficult time. During the initial assessment other factors of assistance were identified by our Needs Assessor that would benefit Mr X on a long term basis. By working together, Mr X and our Needs Assessor put together a strategy plan that would enable him to enhance his finances, as well as identify other areas that he could make changes to.

Mr X had his surgery which was successful, and during this time he also made some very difficult choices and decisions that would have a positive effect for himself and his family. Long conversations took place between him and our Needs Assessor and a very good outcome was achieved by all. He said “You have been friendly, supportive and sympathetic in the way which my case was managed”.

Mr X continues to improve and maintain the positive changes that have been made and is recovering well from his surgery.

Case Study 4

Mr X approached the Grand Prix Trust following the death of his mother. He was looking for assistance towards the funeral expenses. His partner had also been very unwell and he needed some advice and support with other personal matters.

The Trust stepped in and helped him with the funeral costs and took over the arrangement of this on his behalf to alleviate some of the stress that Mr X was under at the time. He said of the Trust “I don’t know what to say – I am so grateful and I was not expecting this news – thank you and the Trust as this will make a massive difference to me. I can at least lay my mum to rest now and concentrate on other areas of my life”. The Trust also identified other areas that were causing great concern, both financially and emotionally, and agreed to work with the client to improve this which was a great relief to him.

Mr X is now in a better place financially and emotionally and is planning to return to work. He is more confident in himself and putting control back in his life.

Case Study 5

Mr X was experiencing difficulty juggling his work commitments with his home life due to long term illness within the family. His employer had been fantastic in looking after him but it was felt that more could be done. His employer got in touch with the GPT to ask if we could help and we were very happy to do so.

By working with the client, as well as his employer, the Trust was able to identify other areas that the client needed help with. At the request of the client this was kept in confidence from the employer. The Trust successfully assisted with the additional areas of help and a financial award, as well as signposting, was offered and accepted.

Both the employer and the Trust continue to work closely with the client to help in reducing the areas of stress that he has been dealing with. The client has been overwhelmed with the support from the Trust as well as his place of work. We will continue to support Mr X for as long as he needs us.

Case Study 6

Mr X approached the Trust as he was facing major surgery which would have a detrimental impact on him financially, and this was adding to what was already a very stressful situation for him. Our Client Co-ordinator made a home visit and very quickly realised that there were other areas that were also causing the client a great deal of concern and anxiety.

The client had been subjected to financial, physical and emotional abuse over a period of time, and although the relevant Authorities had been involved, Mr X had not received any support to help him to come to terms with what had happened to him. He admitted that he was struggling to cope with all areas of his life but felt out of control and did not know which way to turn. Our Client Co-ordinator and Mr X had some very disturbing and honest conversations and to the client’s credit, he accepted that he needed some help – a very difficult decision for him to make.

Our Client Co-ordinator immediately sourced a Counsellor that began working with Mr X straight away and after his first meeting he said “I felt as though someone had lifted a large concrete slab off my head. Thank you so much for helping me to take this huge step in my life”. The Trust were very pleased to be able to offer an award to help Mr X manage his finances during his recovery period, as well as ensure that Mr X receives the full support of the Hospital Social Care Team following his discharge from hospital.

Case Study 7

This lady approached the Trust as she was struggling with a full time job due to medical issues. She was very keen to continue working but felt that she could no longer cope with her medical needs as well as a full time job, which was having an impact on her quality of life outside of the workplace.

The Trust suggested that she should apply for a Personal Independent Payment based on her medical needs, and if this was successful, it would allow her to continue working on a part time basis, which she was very keen to do.

Her application was successful, and whilst she was waiting for the outcome of her PIP application, the Trust was happy to help out with an Award that enabled her to pay her bills without added stress. She said of the Trust “Thank you so much again for helping me to have the courage to make these changes. Your advice and support has meant so much to me. You have helped me to start a new life which I would have struggled to get to myself without the knowledge you shared”.

The client remains in part time employment with a better quality of life and her medical problems have stabilised as a result of this.

Case Study 8

This lady is the wife of a retired F1 employee and she approached the Trust as she was in need of surgery to her wrist. The NHS waiting list was quite long, and as she was looking after her husband who is experiencing poor health, it was vital that she had the surgery at the earliest opportunity.

The Trust considered her application and circumstances and was pleased to assist with this, and her surgery was swiftly arranged with a successful outcome.
Since the surgery, she has seen a great improvement and remains extremely grateful for the prompt response and efficiency of the Trust. She said “I would like to pass on my grateful thanks to all concerned in the decision to grant me the cost of private surgery. This enabled me to have my severe symptoms alleviated. I am so very grateful to the Trust”.

Case Study 9

This former F1 employee is living in France and contacted the Trust following ill health which placed him in a vulnerable financial situation. Unfortunately during this time his house suffered storm damage which used up most of his savings which meant that he had no surplus funding to have further surgery that he needed quite urgently.

The Trust swiftly stepped in and assisted Mr X with his medical costs which allowed him to go ahead with his surgery. This gave him peace of mind that he would not run into further financial difficulties.

We are very pleased to report that Mr X is now recovering well at home following his surgery and he said of the Trust “I received very prompt and welcome support, with regular communication. You made sure that everything relevant had been taken into account. The Trust’s financial and moral assistance arrived at a time when I was under considerable financial pressure and personally very worried about my future”.

Case Study 10

Mr X had never needed to seriously worry about his health or income but all that changed after a catastrophic back injury left him unable to work on the race team. He approached the Trust as he required surgery and he asked for a second opinion by one of our Trustees, Consultant Neurological and Spinal Surgeon, Peter Hamlyn, before going ahead with this. The Trust arranged this and it was agreed that surgery was the best way forward. He had been working in F1 for nearly 13 years but more recently as a Contractor, and as he had a young family to support, the Trust was happy to step in and assist him during his time of recovery.

Fortunately, he was a member of the Grand Prix Trust and had our contact details to hand so that he could make a swift call to Sally, our Client Co-ordinator. He said of the Trust “You all do an amazing job and I cannot thank you enough. This will take an enormous pressure away from me. I cannot wait to get back to doing my job properly after my surgery. During this difficult period the Grand Prix Trust helped me to get much needed scans and advice about the surgery I needed. I felt like they really wanted to help me. Joining the Trust was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

Mr X hopes to return to full fitness following his surgery.

Case Study 11

Mrs X is a retired lady and she approached the Trust as she was struggling to cope with her daily living expenses that was causing her stress and worry. Despite looking at her income/expenditure and changing Energy Provider, she was still unable to make ends meet. Her only luxury was to watch the Grand Prix races and she is still very passionate about this.

She lives alone in a very supportive community, but despite her fitness and independence there was a risk that she would have a fall/trip within her home and not be able to raise an alarm for help. With the help of the Trust we arranged for her to have a key safe fitted as well as a personal alarm, and this gave her confidence without her losing any independence if an accident should occur.

As well as this, the Trust was also able to assist her with an award, and clearly overwhelmed by this she said “Gosh, that is wonderful. I didn’t expect that at all, this is stunning news. Thank you for flagging the safety issues as this was something that I had not thought about and thank you for all your work to secure this wonderful award; it will certainly make a significant difference to my life”.

Case Study 12

Our client approached the Trust whilst working full time for a current Team, as well as caring for his mother who had Parkinson’s Disease. This brought many difficulties for him as he needed to earn a wage, as well as take care of his mother’s needs. The demand on him was becoming increasingly unbalanced, as well as putting an enormous strain on him.

On speaking with our client, it was quickly realised that he was not having any support from the Social Services Team and he had not realised that his mother was entitled to this. To add to the tension, his mum had a fall within the home and was placed in a Rehabilitation Unit for a short period. He was advised to refuse her Discharge until a Care Plan was put in place for his mother as it would be unsafe for her to return home without it. The Trust gave him guidance and support throughout the process, none of which he was aware of, and he was amazed how much this helped. He said of the Trust “I had no idea where to start or what to do, thank you so much for helping me, this is brilliant”. The Trust remains in place as a source of support.

Case Study 13

Our client had worked in the F1 Industry for more than 20 years and still works for a current Team. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with a serious illness that forced him to take sick leave. Added to what was an already dreadful situation for him, he went on to suffer a complication which meant that he temporarily lost his driving licence.

Once he was well enough to return to work, he was forced to use public transport that entailed an extremely long journey, thus adding 4 hours to his usual working day, and he asked the Trust if we could help him with the cost of his travel expenses until his driving licence was re-instated.

He loved his job and was very keen to get back to work as soon as he was fit enough to do so. The Trust was very pleased to assist with his travel expenses which enabled him to return to the workplace and he said, “With the support, advice & significant financial help of the Grand Prix Trust, I was able to continue attending work, despite a serious health complication”.

The Trust continues to support our client during this time.

Case Study 14

Our client had worked in the F1 Industry as a Contractor.  During a race weekend they suffered an accident in the pit lane which resulted in a broken leg and time away from work.  Unfortunately, because of a number of reasons, they found themselves uninsured.

Thankfully, one of the first calls the client made was to the Trust, and we were quick to step into action and help.  Although our client was reluctant to ask for help initially, the Trust did their best to reassure them that we were there to help if we could which gave them the confidence to talk to us.

We were able to assist with emergency medical costs and loss of earnings and our client worked hard on their physiotherapy to get back to work as soon as possible.  They said, “After my accident I felt on my own, but the Trust picked me up and put me back on my feet.  I am really grateful, not just for the financial help but the personal touch given.  Sally put the human element into what we felt was a very bad situation”.

At the Trust we have encountered several cases where Contractors were not adequately or insured at all, and we would urge you to give full consideration to this aspect if you are a Contractor, in order to understand how you would proceed and cope in case of accident or illness, particularly when abroad.

Case Study 15

Our client had worked in the F1 Industry as a Machinist for just over 3 years.  Through no fault of his own he found himself having to leave his rented property at very short notice with his wife and 3 young children.  He approached the Trust to ask if any help or signposting could be offered to him.

We were able to offer appropriate signposting, as well as financial assistance towards removal costs to ensure that the family could move to another secure accommodation.  He said, “Thank you so much for all the help up to this point. It has been truly comforting to know that the Trust is there.  My family and I cannot thank the GPT enough for the support they have given us.  It has been truly INCREDIBLE”.

Our client was very pro-active and worked with the Trust by using the signposting suggested.  He was able to move house and is now very settled again with his family.

Case Study 16

Our client had worked in the F1 Industry as a Truckie for 9 years.  After he left the world of F1 he sustained an accident which resulted in severe mobility difficulties.   He approached the Trust to ask if any help may be available to help him purchase a new mobility scooter.

We were very pleased to help him, as we knew that his scooter was his lifeline to independence and he said, “I can’t tell you how much it will help me with everyday tasks. This scooter has been a life changing part of my getting out to the gym and many other places I would struggle to achieve.  So I can’t thank you guys enough for your help with everything.   Just like to say thank you all so very very very much, you have helped me in ways I could never expected.  Many many many thanks again”.

Case Study 17

Our client had worked in the F1 Industry for several teams as a Composite Laminate & Manual Designer.  Due to ill health, he had been unable to work, and he and his young son found themselves struggling with living costs due to the rise in food and heating.  When our client approached us, he was at the point of returning to work but needed crucial help until his first wage came in.

We were able to offer a regular award for a fixed length of time, to alleviate the financial stress.  He said, Our Universal Credit was providing us with enough support to pass by one month to the next, but I was worried about how I would pay for any additional expenses beyond rent and food. Then I became aware of the Grand Prix Trust. I spoke to Sally who understood our situation and was able to provide the financial support we needed, as well as being a caring listening ear. The support from the Grand Prix Trust gave us comfort and the ability to sleep well at night”.

Since then, our client has been able to secure an interview with a current team.  The Trust was pleased to be there at a time when he needed a helping hand.

Case Study 18

Our client had worked for a current team as an Apprentice since 2020. Tragically, and unexpectedly, one of her very good friends had passed away. She found this very difficult to cope with and sadly she found that it had an impact on other areas of her life which began to cause her financial distress. A relationship break-up happened at this time as well, meaning that she had to vacate her current rental. Nature struck again and another of her best friends had a road accident and he sadly passed away. She was able to realise that she needed help and she called the Trust.

We listened to her, and we agreed that she needed urgent counselling, but she had already accessed this herself, so happy in the knowledge that this was in hand, we turned to the financial troubles and gave her an award to help her get back on track.

She said, “It’s been really beneficial to me so I would love to encourage others to feel confident enough to seek help”. We are still in touch with this lady to help her to get back to her happy life again.

Case Study 19

Our retired client is a very proud gentleman who did not believe in asking for help as he did not think he would get any, and his generation always worked for what they needed and went without, rather than ask.  He was confined to the downstairs of his house due to mobility issues and found it unsafe to use the stairs.  His daughter contacted us to help as she was very worried for her father.   It took a little time to make him realise that he was entitled to apply for help, and we explained to him the difference a stairlift could make to his life.

One day after talking to him he admitted that he would like to try it, and we made the necessary arrangements for his stairlift to be installed. To say the least, his daughter was delighted!

He was absolutely thrilled with it and his daughter said, “It’s all such a nice surprise to have the support my dad needs… and you have been so positive too. The Grand Prix Trust and the members are very lucky!”

The Trust was very pleased to help this gentleman regain his independence, including allowing him to access his bathroom again. We have since been advised that he has used his stairlift to help him to take his laundry upstairs as well, which is another step towards independence for him. We are now able to stay in touch with this gentleman, with the family’s permission, to ensure his welfare needs are being met.

Case Study 20

Our client worked for a current team when he approached us during the COVID pandemic.  He had lost his job, had a young family, and found it very difficult to keep up with his everyday bills, which were mounting.

The Trust was able to assist him with an award to help him over this difficult period, as well as signpost him towards specialist debt agencies, which he engaged with.  He said, “on behalf of myself and my wife, we would like to extend our greatest appreciation and gratitude for the kindness and generosity shown towards us by the Trust after what has been a very unexpectedly difficult & turbulent few years. At times it felt impossible to stay afloat but we truly thank you for giving us a lifeline & helping us. We finally see a light at the end of the tunnel”.

He has since found another job, still working within the F1 motorsport industry, and continues to work closely with the debt agencies to pay off his debts.  The Trust was very pleased to assist with this signposting, which has given our client great peace of mind to know that he is addressing these problems.  He is now managing his finances more closely and is looking forward to a brighter future.

Case Study 21

Our client had worked for a current team for several years but was made redundant.  He was distressed and remembered the Trust, so he called us straight away.

The Trust was able to help him with his priority bills during this time, as well as covering his rent.  We also supported him by listening as he attempted to unravel the enormity of the situation. He said, “Getting the award saved my life and stopped me falling into depression.  Sally was the best thing that happened to me – ringing her almost saved me.  If it wasn’t for the Grand Prix Trust I would have been in a really bad place.  I don’t know how to emphasize to people to join – just do it!

He very quickly secured another job outside of F1, but the delay in his start date meant that the Trust award was more valuable than ever to him.  We remained in touch with him until he started his new job to ensure that everything went smoothly.


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