Information Updates







Insurance, Mortgage & Other

Information from Citizens Advice Bureau showed that Home Insurers made most of their profit from loyal customers. The same was identified with Mortgages & Utilities


Bailiff and Council Tax Arrears

Approximately 2 million people in the UK were contacted by Bailiffs last year and not all of them kept within the boundaries of the law. There were requests for Bailiffs to wear bodycams. Council Tax – the retrieval of these is being reviewed by the Government.


Funeral Costs

These have risen by around 6.5% per annum over the last 14 years. This is being investigated by The Competition & Markets Authority. There is a funeral price comparison website


Pension Credit

Mixed age couples (one must be above retirement age & one below) will not be able to claim Pension Credit as of 15th May. They could potentially lose up to £7,000 per annum

Utility Bills


Some smaller Utility Companies have ceased trading so OFGEM has introduced licensing rules for new Energy Companies


Cap on rent-to-own pricing

A cap on this has now started – the total cost can be no more than 100% more than the retail price


Online PIP Tribunals

A pilot for online Personal Independent Payment (PIP) Tribunals has begun.