Information Updates




Housing Homelessness

Protection Act

The Homelessness Protection Act came into effect in April.  It increases the help that Local Authorities must give to those threatened with homelessness.
Pensions Transferring money out of a defined Benefit Pension Fund The FCA announced tougher rules on transferring money out of defined benefit pension funds.
Benefits Personal Independent Payment (PIP) The DWP will review all 1.6 million PIP claims following a court ruled the DWP was unfair to claimants with mental health issues.  Also, the DWP said pip assessments will be recorded (date to be confirmed). 

Universal Credit


Over ¾ million people are now claiming UC, of which 38% are in work.  More will be transferred to UC as it’s replacing Tax Credits.  A study found that an outstanding 73% of UC claimants in Housing Association accommodation are behind on their rent.
Benefits Employment & Support Allowance (ESA) Around 70,000 ESA claimants have been underpaid according to the National Audit Office.  Some claimants have been underpaid by as much as £20,000
Utilities Cheap supplier banned from taking new clients One of the cheapest UK energy suppliers – Iresa Energy – has been banned from signing up new customers following a high number of complaints
Scams Loan fee scams The FCA warned on the increasing number of scams, where those looking for a loan are first asked to pay a fee but never get the loan they are looking for