Information Updates






High debt levels throughout January

Almost 8 million people in the UK usually fall behind the bills during this month. here are some tips to help you keep your debts under control:

a) If you have court papers, seek advice
b) Prioritise rent/mortgage, utilities, council tax
c) Make a list of your expenditure
d) Work out a budget
e) Ensure to pay your priority debts
f) Pay non-priority debts with surplus monies
g) if you cannot sort it out yourself, seek advice.


Universal Credit (UC)

From January, Universal Credit claimants will be able to get an advance of up to 100% of their monthly payment within 5 days. from February the 7 day wait period for Universal Credit claims will be removed which means the first regular payment will be 5 weeks after applying.


Insurance Loyalty Penalty

By not moving Insurance Providers up to 13 million UK households are losing out by paying higher premiums. Those that are over 65 years of age are most likely to pay this “loyalty penalty” which averages over £100 for Household Insurance alone.


Support for Mortgage Interest to end (SMI)

Some benefits include SMI payments which assist claimants to keep up their mortgage payments. This will be replaced with a Loan system from April.


Energy Star Rating

Save money by switching Energy supplier. Citizen’s Advice has a tool to compare customer service which found First Utility to be the best and Economy Energy to be the worst.