Information Updates




Benefits Universal Credit The number of people claiming UC is increasing – the cost to the DWP for processing each case is approximately £700; the migration to UC has been extended 1 year to March 2023; and UK Housing Association Federations. A UK charity coalition demanded immediate reforms.
Utilities Energy Prices Rising A number of the “big 6” energy suppliers have announced price rises in the last 3 months. Citizens Advice has an online energy price comparison website.
Debt Insolvencies High in some Coastal Areas Official figures named Plymouth, Hull, Blackpool and the Isle of Wight in the top 10 insolvency hot spots in England and Wales.

High Cost Credit

Consumer complaints about payday loans are up by 64%. The FCA said it may regulate rent-to-own retailers – Bright House was found to charge £1,500 in weekly payments for a cooker, available for £300 in shops.
Legal New Goverment “Quickie Divorce” System Online Following a successful pilot, the government has launched an online system to get a “quickie divorce” in England and Wales. The system claims to use simple non-technical language and has a £550 fee.
Funerals Two Reviews into Costs Two separate reviews into funeral costs have been launched – the Competition & Markets Authority (CMA) is reviewing high costs of funerals “to ensure that people are not getting a bad deal”, and the Treasury is looking at prepaid funeral plans. The CMS said the average costs of a funeral in 2017 was £3,800.
Legal Changes to MOT From 20th May the MOT rules changed. Please follow the link for further details: