Case Study 001


Mr X had been suffering with ill health and was looking for assistance towards the cost of respite day care as this would offer him cognitive stimulation, as well as allowing his wife some free time to do all the essential chores around the home.  During the initial discussion our Needs Assessor realised that Mrs X was also finding it difficult to read letters and correspondence due to a disease that was affecting her eyesight.  As well as this there was some maintenance work required to the garden to enable  Mr X to go outside safely and take an interest in his passion for flowers.


The Trust was more than happy to step in and fund the cost of day care as well as the work in the garden which Mr X was thrilled with.  His wife was over the moon when she knew that the Trust would also look after her when they assisted with the purchase of a Visual Aid Reader that she could use at home or when she goes out shopping.


Mr & Mrs X are now enjoying their garden and they have said “If all the clients of the GP Trust receive the high level of service that you give to us, we are all very lucky”.   Mrs X now goes out with confidence knowing that she can read the labels and prices on items and Mr X is thrilled to be able to access his garden again.  His day care continues.



Case Study 002


Mr X approached the Trust following a diagnosis of Arthritis in his knee.  He had been suffering with this for a few years and had been told by the NHS that he was considered too young for a knee replacement.  This was now affecting all aspects of his life, despite having steroid injections and physiotherapy.  He was advised that he would have to wait a long time before he would be eligible for a knee replacement.


Mr X got in touch with the Trust to see if there was any possibility of help.  The Trust was very pleased to offer Mr X financial assistance towards the cost of a knee replacement which was carried out fairly swiftly and successfully.


Mr X is now enjoying life with his new knee and is pain free.  It has enabled him to enjoy a better quality of life and he says of the Trust – “I cannot thank the Trust enough for what they have done for me”.




Case Study 003

Mr X approached the Grand Prix Trust as he was worried about forthcoming surgery that would have an impact on his financial situation. He asked the Trust if they would assist financially towards living costs during this difficult time. During the initial assessment other factors of assistance were identified by our Needs Assessor that would benefit Mr X on a long term basis. By working together, Mr X and our Needs Assessor put together a strategy plan that would enable him to enhance his finances, as well as identify other areas that he could make changes to.

Mr X had his surgery which was successful, and during this time he also made some very difficult choices and decisions that would have a positive effect for himself and his family. Long conversations took place between him and our Needs Assessor and a very good outcome was achieved by all. He said “You have been friendly, supportive and sympathetic in the way which my case was managed”.

Mr X continues to improve and maintain the positive changes that have been made and is recovering well from his surgery.


Case Study 004

Mr X approached the Grand Prix Trust following the death of his mother. He was looking for assistance towards the funeral expenses. His partner had also been very unwell and he needed some advice and support with other personal matters.

The Trust stepped in and helped him with the funeral costs and took over the arrangement of this on his behalf to alleviate some of the stress that Mr X was under at the time. He said of the Trust “I don’t know what to say – I am so grateful and I was not expecting this news – thank you and the Trust as this will make a massive difference to me. I can at least lay my mum to rest now and concentrate on other areas of my life”. The Trust also identified other areas that were causing great concern, both financially and emotionally, and agreed to work with the client to improve this which was a great relief to him.

Mr X is now in a better place financially and emotionally and is planning to return to work. He is more confident in himself and putting control back in his life.

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